7D Cinema

7D Cinema Surfers Paradise started as the first and only 7D Cinema of Australia and New Zealand.

Since 2009 research throughout Europe has been conducted to determine what technology was yet to arrive in order to deliver the greatest 7D experience of the future.

In 2011 7D Cinema Concept was rewarded as the ‘Most valuable Business with least Expenses’ in Europe.

By importing the newest Enhanced Simulator we guarantee to offer the best sensible movements available on today’s Movie Entertainment Market.

At 7D Cinema our Mission is to move the world by bringing the best and latest technology concerning Movie Entertainment to our customers. Our Vision is to become Australia’s biggest franchiser in 7D Cinema Concept.

We achieve this by having a dedicated 7D Cinema Team and by enabling our visitors to enjoy our enhanced Simulators in an intimate setting and safe environment. Additionally we will open various 7D Cinema shops throughout Australia within the coming 24 months. Our aim is to enable the entire Australian population, including all tourists visiting our continent, to find a 7D Cinema in their State.

We work with a small team of dedicated staff members in order to provide Customer Excellence and memorable experiences.

The headquarter of 7D Cinema is located in Brisbane.

7D Cinema owns the licenses of a variety of ten different special 7D Movies. The special effects vary per movie in order to ensure the feeling of being part of the movie and feeling what you see. Each year, a range of new 7D enhanced Movies are launched at 7D Cinema.

The official opening of 7D Cinema Surfers Paradise will take place very soon.

7D Cinema is the beginning of something big. The location in Surfers Paradise may be the first, but will certainly not be the last!