Slingshot & Vomitron



You know as you take your seat in the SLING SHOT…

This is NO ordinary amusement ride…

Your mind is racing…heart beating like a drum…and your throat is dry

​For you are about to be catapulted vertically at over 160 kilometres per hour.

​You hear the machinery groaning as over 40 tonnes of energy is stored into a gigantic box called the Spring Machine. The launch capsule tilts back placing you in a reclined position and you sense it`s almost release time. Then here it comes…





In the 1960`s President Kennedy set N.A.S.A. a task to put the first man on the moon. Two astronauts had to undergo a vigorous training programme to prepare them for the riggers of outer space. N.A.S.A built machines which placed the astronauts bodies under extreme pressure. The forces exerted on them could literally blow your mind.

The astronauts coped well, but for one machine which struck terror into all their hearts… In 2003 funtime was set a task by its president… To scare the hell out of its customers. The ride is based on the machine all the astronauts feared at Cape Canaveral.

The VOMATRON is powered by 2 huge electric motors (the first of its kind), it rotates the giant 45m arm at speeds of more than 120km per hour. Throwing the capsules into extreme spins putting 4G`s of force upon its unwary passengers. Then just as you thought it was over…

​We spin it in reverse with the same degree of pure torture as before. If you want to feel the force that the brave astronauts did, then you need to feel the force of the VOMATRON!!!